Summer is hot. Indoor plants are cool!

  1. Watering

    Water cacti and succulents at least once a week. Water thoroughly and let the water run out of the drainage holes in the bottom. They are drought tolerant so if you forget a watering, they may look a little scraggly, but they will recover!
  2. Soil

    Cactus soil is specially formulated to allow water to moisten the soil and run through because these plants don’t like to stay wet. Don’t use just regular potting soil. Cacti and succulents are more likely to die from over watering than under watering.
  3. Light

    They need a ton of light! They are native to the desert. They need at least a half day of sunlight. A south facing windowsill is best.
  4. Food

    They need nutrients to grow and produce blooms. Make sure to gvie them fertilizer that is formulated for cacti and succulents.
  5. Containers

    Make sure they have drainage holes! There are a ton of cute container ideas on Pinterest and Instagram. You should definitely have fun and experiment! This idea by litlikebec is super cute! Just make sure to make drainage holes at the bottom of the can or any container.

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Photo Credit Satsuki Shibuya Photo Credit: harddysucculents via instagram