It's time to plant carrots!

Carrots are packed full of vitamins, can be used to make everything from salad to cake and come in a wide variety of pretty colors. Carrots have it all!

Some of our Varieties:

Rainbow Blend: Great shredded, as carrot sticks, or for carrot salads, sweet colorful.

Oregano 952700-BBB

Carnival Blend: Colorful surprise, good as mature carrots or harvested as baby carrots, packed full of vitamins.

Carnival Blend

Circus Circus: Festive tricolor blend, crisp, smooth, crispy sweet, great raw and shredded for a carrot salad, fast growing.

circus circus

Sunshine Mix: Eye catching and sweet, crisp, smooth, long harvest period, good raw or quickly cooked.


Tonda di Parig: Round, tender, sweet, can grow in containers and in shallow beds because of their size and shape.

Tonda Di Parigi

French Baby Carrots Babette: Full sweet flavor, deep orange, top quality, very versatile, good raw or quickly cooked.

french baby carrot babette

Danver's 126: Wonderful flavor, resistant to cracks and splits, easy harvest.

Danvers 126

Nantes Carrots Starica: Good sauteed, steamed, or glazed.