Everyone loves succulents! We have tons of different varieties, shapes, colors and sizes! Generally, they are easy to care for if you keep a few pointers in mind.

Different kinds of succulents need different kinds of care. This article offers an extremely brief description as a way to relay the general expectations for obligation in owning a succulent. If you come in to the store and pick out a succulent, we will be more than happy to give you detailed information on how to care for your specific plant. With that in mind, the important thing to remember is that succulents are native to the desert which means they get a lot of sun and go long periods with no water. When they do get water in the desert, they get heavy monsoon rain. Therefore, when these plants are in your home they need lots of sun and can withstand little water. If you water your succulents more regularly (as in once a week) they will have the ability to produce more flowers and foliage, but they can survive less frequent waterings. When you water succulents, water them until the water runs out of the bottom of their container and let the plant dry out between waterings. Putting a succulent in a container with drainage holes is key. Succulents generally need 6 hours of sun a day and you can also set up grow lights for your succulents to accommodate for not getting enough natural light. Use cactus soil for succulents. Your succulent should never sit in water and should have soil that is very well aerated. Lastly, succulents need to be fed with succulent food about every 2-4 weeks or generally with every other watering. To propagate succulents, you need to make a clean cut at the base of the leaf close to the stem. Let the succulent trimming set for about 3 days until the side that was cut scabs over. After that, sit it in cactus mix and water thoroughly. Water once a week while the roots form. The plant will show you when it is established by growing new leaves. Voila! A new succulent! Click here for more information on growing succulents indoors. Read more about powdery mildew and how to combat it. That's about it! If you have additional questions, especially about your specific variety of succulent, please come in an ask. We can help you pick out the perfect succulent for you! Below are so photos of a few succulent varieties we carry. IMG_1249 IMG_1257 IMG_1324 IMG_1334 IMG_1337