Our nursery has a wide selection of specialty evergreens. Whether you are looking for a weeping variety or need a plant that can sustain full sun or shade, we can help you find the perfect evergreen!


Globe Blue Spruce

globe blue Dwarf and compact with bright blue needles. To maintain the globe form, prune out upright shoots. Grows 3-5" per year. Grows to 3-4' tall & wide. Zone 3.

Golden Spreader

golden spreader Low, spreading fir. The yellow color is especially strinking in the winter after much plant color has faded. It appreciates partial shade. Grows to be 3' high and 6' wide.

Columnar Mugo Pine

IMG_29642 Conspicuous buds, coated with white, waxy resin, stand out against long, dark green needles in winter, and colors intensify as the seasons change. The very narrow, compact columnar habit is open enough to show off interesting reddish orange bark. Plants reliably produce small ornamental cones too. Zone 2.

Sester Dwarf Blue Spruce

sester dwarf Pyramidal form with powder blue needles. This slow growing dwarf conifer is similar in shape and size to a Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Very hardy and requires no trimming. 8' tall 5' wide. Full sun. Zone 2.

Mops Mugo Pine

mops Bright green color. Very hardy. Perfect mounding, petite type of mugo. Grows 3-5' tall, 3-6' wide. Zone 2.

Irish Bell Bosnian Pine

Irish Bell This new cultivar is a small sturdy tree that will grow nearly as wide as tall, reminiscent of a bell. The stiff, deep green needles are on the upper portion of the shoots, allowing the silver-white stems to be seen prominently through the foliage. Salt-tolerant and disease-resistant, a great choice for the urban landscape. 6-12" per year. 5-10 ft. Full sun. -20 to -10 F.

Wichita Blue Juniper

Wichita Blue Juniper Light grey-blue soft foliage on a broad, pyramidal form. Annual shearing maintains a more compact form. Use for screens, background borders or hedges. Very hardy. Prefers well-drained soil. Water regularly throughout the growing season and fertilize in the early spring. Little or no regular pruning required. 13' tall 5' wide. Zone 2.

Daub's Frosted Juniper

Daubs Foster Glowing light golden new growth contrasts with the bluish-green interior foliage creating a soft appearance. Grows 1-1.5' tall, 2-4' wide. Zone 3.

Columnar Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce This tree has an elegant columnar growth habit. It will have a slender, uniform growth with branching to the ground. The needles are bright green with a slight curve. 20-30' tall 5-6' wide. Full sun. Zone 2.

Weeping White Spruce

weeping white spruce Tall, narrow pyramidal form of white spruce with short green needles on vertically pointed branches. Requires little or no regular pruning. Water regularly throughout the growing season and fertilize in the early spring. 26' high 8' wide. Full sun. Zone 2.

Hillside Creeper Scots Pine

hillside creeper Creeping form of scotch pine - low and spreading. Attractive bright yellow winter color. In 20 years grows to 12-18" high, 5-6' wide.