Build a cold frame
Cold frame
How to heat a cold frame
An interesting way to heat a cold frame
A coldframe is essentially a box with a slanted glass top. Sun warms the soil during the day and the frame retains heat at night. A cold frame is used for growing cool-season crops even in the middle of winter. Our friend David came up with a clever way to heat a cold frame. He filled a large jug with water, inserted an aquarium heated into the jug, and sunk the bottom 2/3 of the jug into the soil. This heater will heat the soil, not just the air inside the frame. If you can't say goodbye to your garden in the fall, try a cold frame! Winter lasts longer than summer in Colorado, and you could be enjoying cool-season vegetables like lettuce, spinach, beets and more year-round! Just find an old window, and use 2.8