It seems like a pretty simple task, but knowing how to properly mow your lawn will help it squeeze out weeds and prevent disease. Here's our tips for mowing correctly:
  • Cut grass once a week. Try not to remove more than 1/3 of the grass blades in one cutting.
  • Let the clippings fall and return nutrients to the soil. If you pick them up, start a compost pile instead of bagging them.
  • Keep mower blades sharp to ensure a clean cut and prevent disease.
  • Do a soil test. It will help you decide what fertilizer to use and how much to apply.
  • Change your mowing patter every three weeks to prevent ruts.
  • Make turns off the lawn if possible. It will leave cleaner lines and decrease stress at the turn points. If you can't, pick up the blades as you turn.
  • Mow when the grass is dry so clippings don't clump together.
  • Read instructions carefully. A little fertilizer is good, a lot is not.
  • Organic, slow-release fertilizers last longer and don't promote a flush of growth. They also feed the soil, not just the grass.