Renee from Botanical Interests gave us the details you need to know for starting seeds now. Many people think it is too late to plant seeds, but you still have some time! Tomatoes, peppers and artichokes cannot be planted by seed outside anymore. Edible plants such as squash, beans, radishes, beets and cucumbers require a much shorter time fame to reach maturity. They typically range in taking 25-70 days to mature as opposed to tomatoes and peppers which can take over 120 days. Plants that require a shorter time frame for maturity can still be planted by seed outside now. Seeds can be planted through mid-June. When seeds are planted now through June, the crop won't come in until the end of July or August. They will need to be kept moist and fertilized regularly. Renee also suggests planting cool weather crops such as spinach or peas. Plant anywhere on the North side of your home or a shadier area. Continue to harvest regularly so they don't bolt. Cool season veggies are a second season crop and can be planted by seed again in the fall. So there you have it! Don't be afraid to plant seeds in the ground through mid-June! Also, don't forget, our seeds are on sale!