What blooms in the heat of summer and will come back next year? Here is our list of perennials that bloom after spring through the summer.

Lupine: Good cut flower, attracts humming birds, repels deer


Coreospis: Long bloom time


Shasta Daisy: Attracts butterflies and bees, long bloom time, good cut flowers

Photo Credit: http://www.almanac.com/plant/shasta-daisies

Echinacea: Repels rabbits and deer, attracts bees, late bloom

Gaillardia: Long bloomer, attracts bees, repels deer and rabbits, recedes itself


Salvia: Long bloom, repels deer

Astilbe: Good for shade, attracts butterflies, repels deer and rabbits

Hosta: Good for shade, big attractive leaves

Coral Bells: Good for shade, unique purple yellow foliage

Delphinium: Good cut flowers, huge stock flowers, repels deer and rabbits, attracts hummingbirds bees and butterflies


Balloon Flowers: Unique, fun for children because it looks like balloons in the garden, good cut flower

Spiderwort: Good for wet areas, attracts butterflies