The roses have arrived! Here are just a few of our favorites; we carry over 100 varieties!

There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Distant Drums

Unusual tan color that washes to orchid pink, medium/upright plant, medium-large double ruffled bloom, moderate myrrh fragrance. Distant Drums

Rock & Roll

Burgundy and cream striped bi-color, medium/upright and full plant, medium/fully double bloom, strong rose and fruit fragrance. Rock & Roll

Anna's Promise

Bi-color golden tan and pink blush with a copper reverse hue, medium double/single or small cluster blooms, very round and bushy plant, moderately fruity with slight spicy fragrance. Anna's Promise

Fragrant Plum

Lavender blushing purple color, tall upright plant, medium-large double bloom, strong fruity fragrance. Fragrant Plum

Ketchup & Mustard

Ketchup red/mustard yellow bi-color, medium/rounded and bushy plant, medium/double blooms, mild fragrance. Ketchup and Mustard

About Face

Golden-orangey inside and bronzy-red outside color, tall/very upright plant, medium-large/full double bloom, light fresh-cut apple fragrance. About Face

George Burns

Yellow, red, pink, and cream striped color, medium-low/rounded plant, large double and decorative bloom, strong fruit and citrus fragrance. George Burns


Salmon blend blushing scarlet color, best flower size in cooler conditions, medium-tall/upright and bushy plant, medium-large/double blooms, mild fruity fragrance. Colorific

Twilight Zone

Deep velvet purple color, medium/rounded to slightly spreading plant, large/fully double/old-fashioned bloom, strong clove and spice fragrance. Twilight Zone


Ruby red color, medium-tall/upright plant, massive/full and ruffled bloom, moderately fruity fragrance. Legends

Radiant Perfume

Dark yellow color, medium-tall/upright plant, medium large/double bloom, strong citrus fragrance. Radiant Perfume


Apricot yellow blushing to orange and deep red color, medium/bushy plant, medium-large/double bloom, mild tea fragrance. chihuly


Burgundy-red swirled with creamy white colors, medium/rounded height, large double blooms, strong sweet spice fragrance. Scentimental