Summer is hot. Shade trees are cool. Trees in general omit water vapor from their leaves which cools the air. Shade trees offer additional protection to you and your home. You can plant them to sit under and to create a shade barrier from the intense morning and evening sun. A few tips when planting shade trees: plant in varying sizes. Depth equals oxygenated and cool air. Any tree casts shade, broad coverage is what makes a good shade tree. It takes a while for a tree to be full grown so grow trees and shrubs together that will be a good team. Plants tall and fast growing shrubs with a shorter life next to your young shade trees so that the shrubs will supplement your shade until your trees are big enough to offer shade by themselves. Here are some trees we carry that offer shade:

Honey Locust: Hardy for Colorado

Mountain Ash: Not an actually an ash, not susceptible to EAB

Mountain Ash

Linden: Hardy, big leaves


Catalpa: Large Leaves


Elms: Dutch Elm Resistant


Sensation Box Elders: Xeric, bronze foliage


Ohio Buckeye

Shumard Oak: Beautiful fall foliage, high PH tolerance

Ginkgo Tree: Can make into tea which stimulates mental activity.